NONU? what is it? we adopted the term from a designer that we discovered online who submitted to a competition for a “Shelter in a Cart”

The title NONU, is multidimensional. On one hand it refers to ‘no new’ materials. It also refers to the concept of survival upon the excess of others as ‘nothing new’. Throughout the history of our planet, species have evolved in order to exploit rich niches of untapped resources. Finally, it means ‘know’ and ‘knew’; we know how wastefulness damages the environment and our standard of living, and at one point, we as humans knew how to survive in harmony with the planet.”

we loved his piece and his concept was something that has been a big part of our lifestyle for decades- salvaging, buying used, recognizing the beauty and value of the discarded…

some of our favorite sources for NONU:

- bulk trash pickup days. the best free stuff period. i have found amazing lumber, fixtures, and other materials that we have incorporated into our house and yard and arts & crafts.

- craigslist. never buy new until you have first consulted craigslist. lumber, bricks, stone, furniture, bikes, tools. we’ve purchased these things and more for a fraction of retail. and it’s just less stuff to be manufactured, less tossed into the landfill.

- citywide garage sale. some stuff can be pricey but you can also find some incredible bargains and treasures.

- dumpsters. i’ve found some great lumber. ever seen one of  those huge dumpsters in the front yard of a house being remodeled? it’s amazing and sad that it’s heading to the landfill. 

- Goodwill. duh.