Welcome to our 3 new chicks we got yesterday from High View Farm in Driftwood. We took a nice (and hot, no air conditioner in the VW bus) drive out to Dripping Springs then down HWY 12 to the farm. What a beautiful place. It’s for sale too. 73 acres. They are moving to Blanco for more land. They have horses, dairy goats, rabbits and lots of chickens - oh and some awesome turkeys.

She specializes in rare chicken breeds. Her favorite is the Partridge Brahmas. THEY ARE HUGE. and stately and beautiful. I had never seen a chicken like that. Pretty amazing.

Here’s the Breeds and names of our new girls. :-)

Splash Isbar (pronounced ICE-BAR)
this is the little white one. info about her breed and pictures.

This breed was introduced by a Catholic monk from Sweden. She will lay green eggs.

——- Her name is Isabelle. Isabelle the Isbar.

Cream Legbar
these are the other two darker colored chicks. info about their breed.
- http://greenfirefarms.com/store/category/chickens/cream-legbar/
- http://www.mypetchicken.com/catalog/Day-Old-Baby-Chicks/Cream-Legbar-p1480.aspx

They are from Britain. They will lay blue eggs.

——- One is lighter, her name is: Mabel
——- The darker one is named: Tessie

(Tessie means late summer and harvester. Mabel means lovable.)

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a guy is re-grouting our floor blasting the White Album & called his twin brother to help. now they are singing the Beatles in unison. it’s adorable.

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